In The Eye Of The Fire

dVerse-Poets Pub Poetry Challenge – Lookin’ Up!    Choose 1 of the 4 photos that inspire a poem.

The Hourglass Nebula

Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble

In the eye of the Fire
I see what is Unseen
by the eyes of earth
free of the burdens held
lighting the way dark
no fear of getting lost
no fear of the cost
freedom to soar beyond
the eyes of the earth
shielded by Fire’s burn
untouched by others
who only dream and yearn
Faith leading into the unknown
never lookin’ below
only lookin’ up
journeying above heaven’s periphery
where others fear to embark
and lose themselves in the dark
Yes, in the eye of the Fire
is where the Unseen is seen.


21 thoughts on “In The Eye Of The Fire

  1. Oh this is wonderful! In the eye of the fire….so aptly fits with this Hubble image.
    “freedom to soar beyond
    the eyes of the earth”
    “faith leading into the unknown.”
    I love these phrases. Somehow, these photos have made me think about a real afterlife….that we are but a small part of life now…but perhaps become part of a much larger scope as we shed our shell. As we gain the freedom to soar beyond….It’s a lot to think about, yes? And that is the wonder of all these photos of what lies beyond us…shall we ultimately join it and lie beyond the touch of our bodily selves? Be a part of this splendid beauty beyond our realm?
    Thank you so much for participating. I am loving your words here!

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