Contemplation – Shadorma Poem

Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #16 – Shadorma


her life’s confusion
trifling to
others hearts
but to her this scorn of pain
is all that matters

hard to breathe
flood of emotion
heart pounding
soul aching
to find peace from clarity
at the ocean’s edge

the pounding waves breath
her heart calms
thoughts subside
tranquility now prevails
life has new meaning

Photo Credit: Patrick Jennings

8 thoughts on “Contemplation – Shadorma Poem

  1. <smile> Yes, it is an image which really want to take you somewhere dark and brooding isn’t it? I love your interpretation!

    I’m glad you found inspiration in it. Just don’t forget to get permission before posting images of mine. I may not be able to give it for every image. Thanks!

    Oh, also, I noticed how many tags you use. With WordPress blogs, it’s best to use at most 15 tags and categories total (so, 14 tags and 1 category, for example). More than that, and your post won’t appear on the WordPress reader, which remains the route by which most people find my posts. And if it’s not on the reader, posts aren’t eligible to be featured by WordPress either. You write beautifully, and deserve to have more readers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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