A Teacup Of God’s Lament

November Writing Prompts #NaNoWriMo – #19: teardrops and teacups

A Teacup Of God's Lament

As I drink this teacup of sadness
teardrops fall from my eyes
pouring out the brokenness of heart
for my lament is not my own
it is the Creator’s tears I mourn
over the world’s hatred for Him
Yet, His love for all never runs out
even for the ones who hate Him so
this teacup will never empty
for it is an endless waterfall of Love
therefore these teardrops are a blessing to cry
for the One who obeyed the Father’s will to die
On His earthly sojourn He endured bitter hostility
and has ever since and still does unto this very day
even so He will always leave an open invitation
for those who hate to return to His way
Yes, blessed are those who drink the…
Teacup of sadness and cry His teardrops of love
for it is in this that they see God!

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