Two Views Of Same Path – Haibun Poem

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge

Challenge: Using synonyms for Plenty & Meander write a poem choosing 1 of 5 forms of poetry: Haiku, Tanka, Haibun, Cinquain, or Senryu.

Plenty – many, sufficient, opulence.

Meander – (of river or road) wind, twist, turn, curve.

(of a person) stroll, saunter, amble, wander.

Two Views Of Same Path

As I gaze intently upon the two roads with many hues, I find myself with a deep yearning to stroll down the way into nature’s opulence of peace. Although there is another path of peace indwelling my heart, I tire of the noise of the city. Both hold the precious brilliance of Creation…

oh the many hues
which road shall I choose to walk
two views of same path

there is no need to choose for I can walk down both roads in the stillness from whence I write.

Photo Credit: OGNATURE

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