The Black Tears Of Her Soul

The Daily Post – Forlorn

The Black Tears Of Her Soul

The black tears that she cries
are from the misery her soul writhes
for she mourns not for her own woes
but for those who suffer spiritual gallows
caused by the hatred of this world’s forlorn
especially by those who have been reborn

She sobs at the injustice they have to endure
because they do not wear the facade of couture
weeps her soul for the downtrodden and lost
who are rejected and forgotten by the hearts of frost
unending is her lament for the abused, abandoned and misunderstood
the ones seen as no longer useful and discarded like deadwood

You see, this great ache in her soul is gifted by the Ancient One
a Man of sorrows and pain who came to us as the Son
for He too, was despised and has borne our grief
He was oppressed and afflicted understanding our bereave
He suffered disgrace as an offering for our atonement
that we may rise from the ashes of our defilement

She knows she is blessed to bear the anguish of His soul
for it is in this, His beauty her soul does behold

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