The Ashes Of Decayed Beauty

MLMM First Line Friday Writing Challenge

First Line Prompt: I found myself in the ruins again.

The Ashes Of Decayed Beauty

I found myself in the ruins again
wandering lost in the decayed beauty
that once was filled with vibrancy
before the crucifixion by my Scarlet family

In the brutal cruelty of my past
with the pain of my parents betrayal
I never knew a cut that bled this deep
leaving my soul with unending weep

For there is no greater damage done to another
than to shatter the spirit into the despair of oppression
turning the soul into a graveyard tombstone
done by the crimson tongue of others

In these ruins I shall find the Healer
and once again be delivered by the Redeemer
from this comes the crown of wisdom through pain
in my soul these ruins of ashes will no longer leave their stain

Yes, I found myself in the ruins again
and by Grace my soul has no remnants of carcinogen
by Strength my tongue did not retaliate
through Forgiveness I am blessed to love and not hate

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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