Locked Secrets

MLMM Photo Challenge #207

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

110266 (1)

For every lock attached
to the cage surrounding the soul
within is held secrets of old
waiting to be unlatched

The keepers of secrets past
contains the power of tomorrow’s future
every decision they make
every step they take…

Darkness cannot be hidden
cannot be held down
for one who attempts to do so
causes hope to drown

Along with dreams…desires…love…
and the promise of the Dove
oppression is their path of life
always held back by inner strife

Oh, the ache of broken wings
as they lay and bleed their pain
despair their only lyric to sing
while longing for a new refrain

There is only one way to obtain
freedom from their enchain
taking hold of the Master Key
that can set their secrets free

Upon darkness Light must be shone
for from it nothing can hide
and broken wings can finally fly
when the Master Key of Faith is our cornerstone

Photo: Alpha Coders


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