The Thin Line – Freestyle Prose

The Daily Post – “Thin”

MLMM Photo Challenge #214

Use the image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Flora Borsi

She was once a woman
so whole and complete
or so she thought…

She was ready to love
with an open and receiving heart
then she met the man
that was to be the one
or so she thought…

She gave herself to him
in every way known
he received and never gave

She soon lost herself
in the misty blue void
of his mind control

And after awhile he became bored
with how easy it was to
manipulate her puppet strings
so he threw her away
for a new conquest

Now, all that is left of her
is a shadow of a woman
leaving a trail of
broken heart blood drops
silently crying out to
the only True Love
that can save her from herself…

It’s a thin line between

the spirit of life
the spirit of death

Photo Credit:  Flora Borsi


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