I Shall Cry Beautiful – Freestyle Poem

MLMM Music Challenge #28 – “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood

Use “Cry Pretty”by Carrie Underwood as a source of inspiration for any form of creative expression (including but not limited to short stories, poems, lyrics, artwork, photography, (etc.).

I Shall Cry Beautiful

I may not cry pretty
but I shall cry beautiful
the transparent tears
of my soul’s pain
pain, that cuts so deep
there are no words
that can be spoken
tears that scream
for the abused child
tears that anger
for the black and blue hues
that cover a woman’s body
tears that anguish
over the injustices done
in this world
tears that weigh heavy
for the oppressed, the hungry
the unloved, the rejected
of society, of churches
Yes, I may not cry pretty
I shall cry beautiful

Photo Credit:  GB-Pics24.com

4 thoughts on “I Shall Cry Beautiful – Freestyle Poem

  1. Wonderful take I loved it. Pretty being separated from beautiful. Even ugly crying can be beautiful for the right reasons. Thanks for participating!

    Liked by 1 person

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