When A Friend Shows Their True Colors

MLMM Tale Weaver #174 – Making Sense Of Nonsense

Use the image below as a basis for a tale that maybe explains the image as being deeply metaphorical or just plain silly.


Two people who had been friends for so long
had a friendship unbreakable with a bond that was strong
or so one of them named John had thought…

That his friend would always be there to have his back
just as John had always been there for his friend
by lifting him up out of his dark times…

But when his friends life started to improve and prosper
it then came time for John’s own season of trials and adversity…

Now in John’s lowest moment he called to his friend
he had always extended a hand and heart to only
find his friend desired to leave John struck down
in the miry clay, rejected, abandoned, with a deep cut
of betrayal in John’s soul…

When this season of adversity had passed
John learned what a blessing it was
to have waded through the miry clay alone
for the wisdom gained during this trial:

True friendship cannot be measured in the good times but only in the darkest hour.

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