A Street Named Normal

Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday: Week 74

What 100 words would you give this image?

Image by Bikurgurl

Walking along a street named Normal
reminds me of a past of secret abysmal
with a house that looked good on the outside
and the darkness no one knew on the inside

A yellow house with white trim
an erected white fence around the yard’s rim
two kids, two dogs, two cars, too much facade
going to church every Sunday posing our fraud

Oh the hypocrisy and the damage to my soul
I am ever so grateful for these days of ole’
for it broke me to desperately seek the Light
Light found me and gave my blind eyes sight

4 thoughts on “A Street Named Normal

  1. So much emotion in this powerful poetry. No one call really tell what goes on behind closed doors; not then, and certainly not now in the age of social-media-pintrest-perfection. Thank you for joining us and I hope to see you Wednesday for Week 75!

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