Her Foreboding

MLMM Photo Challenge #221

Use the image below as inspiration for a poem or short story.


Image credit Mattias Milos via Unsplash

She awoke to look beyond out to the horizon
a dark foreboding began to stir deep within her
not another storm she thought…
for her soul was already wrought

The last seven years she has been hit with
storms of the mind, storms of the heart
with a relentless rain of oppression and poverty
she has been treading water in this flood and now
her muscles have grown ever so weak
and her voice has become to fragile to speak
her prayers are an unending well of tears
yet she holds fast to anger as her driving force
to survive this unbroken chain of storms
how she desperately seeks to find shelter
the winds blew away her umbrella of hope

She watches for a rainbow to ride the sky
yet these storms never pass long enough
for one to shine its colors of promise
she calls out for the Great Hand to be
her life-saver that she not drown
but the Great Hand’s power remains silent
like a small ship she looks for a lighthouse
to swim to for shelter but finds naught…

Her only recourse left is to ride this storm out
pray that in the morn she will awaken to a drought
to see the Sun shine its rays of hope once again.
and this seven year season finally come to an end.


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