13 thoughts on “Cries Of The Trees

  1. what an interesting choice of word “cries” of trees …

    makes me speculate and wonder … cries of delight, cries of plight, cries of despair … hmmm … fascinating … ( and yes, sometimes we are best left to discern for ourselves, but I do wonder why you chose this particular word 😀 – but not to worry, there is no obligation to answer)

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    • As I was writing the poem “cries of the trees bring comfort” is what I heard the inner voice say. I have always felt closer to God when I sit and meditate in nature I hear His nature speak to me. Cries of the trees for me mean is they understand the anguish is my soul and they cry with me which brings comfort. But it can also mean the other things you mentioned. The interpretation is to be taken personally for you and how connecting with the tress effects your soul! I hope this helped. Much Love, Deborah 😀 ❤

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      • thanks for sharing more of your thoughts about the process in this creation, as well as your particular word choice; as I mentioned, it was indeed curious to me – a very powerful word choice – and no matter the interpretations or readings, it is truly well suited for this poem/reflection.
        It adds a wonderful dimension to it all.
        Bright Blessings to you. 🙂

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