Season Of Her Soul

BrewNSpew Cafe Word Of The Week – lollygag

lollygag – spend time aimlessly; idle.

Thinking about autumn road trips

As this season of her soul

continues to lollygag down the road

filled with continuous mist and rain

crying the tears of her soul’s pain

~ * ~

She continues to hope with

each new day will come

a new season filled with love,

joy, eyes of laughter and fun

~ * ~

Dancing to her heart’s new beat

singing sweet lyrics of feat

looking forward and leaving behind

this long season so unkind

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Hither & Thither 


15 thoughts on “Season Of Her Soul

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  2. This is beautiful and lilting. Your words could be put to music! Thank you for joining in and I’m so glad you did! 🙂

    I reposted since your font color wasn’t legible due to my blog’s background.

    Liked by 1 person

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