Wafting In The Deep Blue Indigo

The Haunted Wordsmith Genre Challenge #6

This challenge is a bit different than everything else in that it has two rules:

Response should use the photo prompt given
Response should be in specified genre

Today’s genre: Poetry

Today’s photo prompt:

Wafting in the deep blue indigo

her soul is lavished

in brilliant Autumn warmth

kissed with the hues of

sea creatures at her beckon call

to swim the depths, widths, lengths, and heights,

of an ocean’s infinity

where sweet dreams are vivid and alive flawlessly

untarnishable by the world’s imperfections

and there are no limits

to where imagination’s wings

can take her to soar

with new, refreshing, and

boundless places to explore

where boredom is not known

yet peace is food for the soul

wafting in the deep blue indigo.

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