Your Daily Word Prompt – Hoard – March 16, 2019

The Haunted Wordsmith Opposites Attract Challenge #13

For this challenge, I provide one word and a list of its antonyms. The challenge is to use the prompt word AND one (or more) of its antonyms in some form of writing (or creative work). 

Today‘s word: knowledgeable

Antonyms: ignorant, unacquainted, unfamiliar, uninformed, unknowledgeable

SIlhouetted man facing the illuminated Infinite sky

Why must the world hoard prideful hatred

instead of humble love and peace…

why do the religiously knowledgeable

choose to remain spiritually ignorant

going on and on in their evangelistic rant

about the very things they have no Wisdom of…

~ * ~

For they have not lived with or loved the broken

you know–the ones left forgotten and forsaken

instead preach praise and worship of the rich

whose wealth never scratches their greedy itch

~ * ~

Is it no wonder there is so much hatred of God

who despite all of this still loves the beautifully flawed

although God’s words may be taught by a leader

there are no actions of evidence to

prove of love they are a breeder

~ * ~

For God is love and this His heart’s desire

that we all love others with an all consuming fire

He is not who they say or show Him to be

He longs for us in His divinity from pride to walk free

~ * ~

So why must the world hoard a prideful hatred

instead of a humble love and peace

because it does not know the Truth

about the God who is love…

~ * ~

For actions speak louder than words spoken

and the ones who teach the words have actions

consistently defying God’s promised words written.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  lightinnerlight.com

2 thoughts on “Misunderstood

  1. If these truths break our hearts, I imagine God’s heart feels crushed. Makes me think of the verse about the “last being first”–surely that includes the lost and forgotten who were nothing and had nothing…according to those who blithely overlook us. Love and blessings to you today ❤

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