Antonia’s FreeForm Friday Prompt

The words for this fortnight are: LOVE, PAINT, AIR, OFFERINGS (use any two or three).


Offerings of love to others

paints the air we breathe

into our life, our souls

it is a blessed reprieve

from this world’s negativity

that can haunt our spirits

and try to bring us down

~ * ~

It is a power that overcomes

hate, prejudice, anger, and depression

it performs CPR on our hearts

and fills it with medicinal compassion

to be given to others as a julep

so they can drink in its healing miracle

and bless other souls one at a time

until the world has been enraptured

and every heart no matter how broken

will, by the wonderment of forgiveness, be captured.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pixbay

9 thoughts on “Offerings

  1. How beautiful! So full of determined compassion. I love the idea of this being given to others as julep. A needed poem for our times and healing for me personally today. Thank you. 💚

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  2. Oh wow oh wow oh WOW! This is IT!! ❤ And thanks for tipping me to another prompt (like I need one more poem to write…but it's an addiction :)) love & blessings to you today, Ennle

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    • Thank you so much Ennle! I too need to write poetry because it brings healing in a powerful way and helps to keep my spiritual process from getting stuck! 😀 Are you going to join the A2Z challenge starting April 1st? I just signed up today as a motivation to challenge myself to keep the flow going everyday! Much Love, Deborah ❤


      • Yes, isn’t it amazing how writing poetry “unsticks” the spiritual??!! Just last night I was thanking God that I’m coming back to myself–who I am In Him, and thanking Him for the new blog and the gift of writing ❤ Yes, I'm going to do A to Z–AND the other April challenge: NaPoWriMo (and it has another global name too)–do you want to join in? Here's the link: Much love to you, Deborah! E ❤

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