A Night’s Moment

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #81



This video inspired me. Maybe you like to see it or use it as a creative nudge.


“Don’t simply brush away the inexplicable connectedness we’ll occasionally taste as we experience certain people, places and works of art. These mere seconds of quite synchronicity and understanding count. They always, always count. You just have to know and believe it. ~Victoria Erickson      -Photo by Photo.Manic on Flickr

In a night’s moment…

the inner eyes gaze into the ebony ascent

where the thorns of the soul do not bleed

a river of tears finally begins to recede

and pain evolves into a soothing numb

wafting in the sweet scent of escape’s succumb

until reality’s stark light shines its brightness

we grow accustomed to darkness.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

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