Tea, Gossip & Sin

Word Of The Day Challenge – Tea

Your Daily Word Prompt – Omit – April 23, 2019

Light Motiffs Three Things Challenge PL68 – Today’s prompt: black, hotel, cheater.

Titanic Check out those hats!

Every Wednesday morning after Bible study

the wives of the church leadership get together

at the local but for the “very elite only” hotel

for their weekly tea, gossip and sin session

where they talk about the sinners who don’t

measure up to their superior religious ways.


The requirement to join if worthy to be in their presence

was to take a vow to always drink only organic tea

with an absolute must to forever omit the refined sugar

drinking the tea with an all natural eloquence

proclaiming that the reason for this unusual vow

is to maintain what they call their “dainty figures.”


Now, there was a new wealthy member of the church

who appeared to meet the high standards required to

be invited to come and join their tea drinking clique.


At first all was going well then the ladies noticed

that the new woman’s figure was not remaining “dainty”

so they decided to find out what was going on…

it turns out she has been a cheater with a dark secret

she’s been drinking non-organic tea swimming in

an ocean of refined sugar every day at home!


When the ladies saw this they took a picture of her

and posted it on the church’s Facebook page, and then,

they of course black balled her from the tea drinking clique!


The poor woman had to spend every single Sunday living

down the humiliation of her sugar-tea addiction.

Oh the sin of it all!

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest


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