For Helene by Sue Vincent…

This is a beautiful memorial for Helene Vaillant by Sue Vincent.

For Hélène

Hélène Vaillant's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, glasses, close-up and outdoor

A lifetime of love

Sadness of separation

Soulmates reunite


Not very long ago, poetess Hélène Vaillant of Willow Poetry said a final goodbye to her beloved husband. A few days ago, Hélène herself passed away peacefully.

My thoughts are with her family and all who loved her.

Her poetry was as beautiful as her smile and as full of love. Her own words say it best…


golden angel dust

elevating enchantment

peacefully setting


©Hélène Vaillant

With thanks to Frank Prem for keeping us informed of Hélène’s illness and passing.

12 thoughts on “For Helene by Sue Vincent…

  1. I saddened me to read this today. Thanks for posting this, Deborah. She was one of the first people to follow my blog. Hélène’s weekly challenge was one I always looked forward to in addition to reading all her other work. I will miss her very much. :_(

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  3. I’d been offline a while and missed her presence on return. I wondered what had happened. Though I only knew her through her insightful words, her prompts and her kind, thoughtful, encouraging comments I will miss her spark.

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