Goosie & Gracie – Flash Fiction

Written In Response To:

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41 – Every Wednesday I post a photo.  You respond with something CREATIVE.

Goosie – “Oh God!  Here come those annoying, nosy humans again!”


Gracie – “Now, now, Goosie; be nice.”


Goosie – “Don’t they have anything better to do than to invade our space and take pictures?”


Gracie – “Stop your whining and complaining, stand up straight and lift your head up and smile for them like I do!”


Goosie – “You know Gracie, you have always been one to seek the limelight!”


Gracie – “Be careful Goosie.  We’re married and you have to come home with me tonight!”


Goosie – “UGH!”  (head bows even lower).  The End!

14 thoughts on “Goosie & Gracie – Flash Fiction

  1. So humans are not the only species to whom “ugh!” is an acceptable answer to “you have no choice other than to come home with me I am your husband”….. Well that’s a relief. I don’t feel so evil anymore….

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