A Wistful To Wise Journey

Written In Response To:

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #105 – PROMPT:  “Only if I knew it then” – Wistfulness.

Star Point Lighthouse, Dartmouth, England

   Oh those “only if” or “if only’s” that at one time held me down in such unnecessary melancholy.  Through the many seasons of growing I have come to realize that the wisdom I know today would have been futile for me to know back then.  I was not spiritually enlightened enough to receive it. I had to go through those years of the foolishness of “spiritual bankruptcy” in order to grow into the wisdom of  “spiritual riches.”  

     Today I have learned not to dwell in the sad longing of  “what ifs” and instead use the lessons learned through hindsight that become the wisdom of foresight.  By doing this I have broken the cycle of insanity’s “doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result” to a sane mind that makes new and different choices bringing peace of mind.

a beginning from

feeling the way through darkness

to guidance by Light

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

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