A Dead Place

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BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Prompt #3 – Partake

FOWC With Fandango – Live

RDP Tuesday – Vacant

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #76 – Music

Word Of The Day Challenge – Ocean

Your Daily Word Prompt – Purpose – December 10, 2019

Sadje’s What Do You See #7 – Does this picture inspire you to write something?

As they journeyed through the vault

in search of a priceless treasure

they found it to be vacant and silent

of the lyrics and rhythm that gives one purpose

to live and partake in the abundance of life…


They chose not to dive deep into the ocean of grace

to capture the music that would carry them through

the waves of sorrows, pains, unbearable grief into

healing calm waters of Love’s strength, joys and 

incomparable heights beyond human realms…


But alas, they let fear imprison them into quietus

for a soul without music is a dead place.

~ * ~


17 thoughts on “A Dead Place

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  3. Totally agree with your last lines…music can be food for the soul. “To dive deep into the ocean of grace

    to capture the music that would carry them through…” Beautifully written, Deborah. ❤

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