8 thoughts on “Word For The Day…

  1. Deborah, interesting phrasing on this one. Seek your happiness in the real world and stubbornly hold to it dearly? Have you seen the movie “1917” about a World War I battle that needs to be stopped. One of the most poignant scenes is when a British soldier stumbles into a small apartment in a town that is being shelled and is on fire. He finds a young woman about his age who is caring for a baby she found, not hers. In the tenderest of moments, he shares some milk he had gotten earlier in the day from a cow at a farm, plus some of his rations. The scene is perfectly defined by your saying above. There is no romance, just the tenderest of meetings in a cruel world. Keith

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      • Deborah, the movie is pretty graphic, so you may want to pass on it as a whole. It is one reasons why the touches of humanity stand out. There is another scene where the British soldier gets to where he needs to be, but comes upon a group of tired soldiers listening to the beautiful Irish tenor singing a hymnal under the trees before battle. It is also quite powerful. But, the main message is wars should not be fought due to their brutality. Keith

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      • I did watch the trailer for it and I hope to one day see it! Looking for the beauty in the ugly can be enlightening for the soul! 🙂 ❤


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