Word For The Day…

From:  Gratefulness.org

Life is not about “or” — it is about “and.” It is magical and messy. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking. It is delight and disappointment. Grace and grief. Exquisite and excruciating, often at the exact same time.



8 thoughts on “Word For The Day…

  1. Deborah, well said. My wife and I wanted a house where our kids felt comfortable inviting their friends over. Neither of us would trade for anything the lovely chaos that ensued over the years with kids, laughter, messes, conversations as the friend came and went, etc. Keith

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  2. Such a beautiful quote. It is a good reminder that those messes that sometimes drive me crazy come from having a full house of healthy kitties, so they are well worth the trouble to clean up.

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