Conquest In Surrender

My spirit uplifted

positive, joyful

my body dispirited

riddled with autoimmune diseases

draining the life out of me

a battle that rages on

when in a flare up

the desire to be productive

to accomplish even 

one or two tasks

defeated by the physical drain

an emotional and mental toll

negative dark thoughts

slowly creep in and grow

in volume…only recourse

for this hard rugged path

surrender to the powerlessness

muster up the compassion

to be patient, still, and rest

~ * ~

I have (MAS), Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome, which is defined as having three or more diagnosed autoimmune diseases.  I have wanted to blog about this for quite some time now through writing and using poetry.  This is my first attempt at doing this and I hope to continue as part of the healing process and helping others who suffer from chronic illnesses.  I want to thank V.J. at One Woman’s Quest and One Woman’s Quest II, who has inspired me through her journey with chronic illness.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

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