God’s Promise For Today…

From:  365promises.com

Promise #46 – Saturday, February 15, 2020


Promise #46:
I am your Shepherd and I will meet all your needs.

Psalm 23:1 (WEB)
Yahweh is my shepherd: I shall lack nothing.

Word For The Day…

From:  Gratefulness.org

I feel like I know a few things, and one that’s important is that we have to be strong enough to continue to love and care about the generations to come in the way our ancestors have done for us.



The Devils Pulpit in Finninch Glen, Scotland

A flowing river

making its way


a narrow passage

mindful to not be

thrown off course by the

protruding temptations of


that can lead it astray

instead to continue on in

the graceful flow of its

eternal journey

leaving a wake of

divine elegance


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest