Her Face

In Response To:

What Do You See #136 – May 30, 2022

A cut soul bleeds

stained tears upon 

her face

a betrayal so deep

words cannot express

her face

the completed masterpiece

sorrow’s beauty

~ * ~

Image credit; Muhammed Hassan Unsplash


In Response To:

Sadje’s What Do You See #135 – May 23, 2022 – Write an original story, poem or a caption.

Yet another path to walk

an unending journey in life

sometimes tiring to endure

will it be winding, rugged,

smooth or straight with

obstacles to overcome or

this time will it be the path

I hunger and ache for

gentle, loving, peaceful

a place where I can

finally experience rest

for my body and soul…

only time will tell

~ * ~