The Organized Chaos Of The Human Mind

Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday: Week 79

What 100 words would you give this image below?

Image by Bikurgurl

The organized chaos of
the human mind
every memory exactly
in the place it is supposed to be
yet cannot be attained to
remember the colors of
times past dreams,
disappointments and joys
love given, love taken, love lost
never to be returned again…

Some memories are to
be learned from instead
of forgotten and some
will bring the sweetest joys
born of bitter sorrows and
some are only healed through
the passing of many seasons…

Some memories are left unrevealed
until we are ready to see truth
but through it all each memory
shall come in its due moment.

Down In The Valley

Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday: Week 77

What 100 words would you give this image?

Image by Bikurgurl

Down in the valley where the sun sets
warm thoughts of relaxing with a glass of fine wine
my lover by my side holding hands begins
our romantic night of unbridled intimacy
awakening to a morning love hangover
our souls content with the fullness of enrapture
knowing we’ve just begun a lifetime together
of sunsets and sunrises with afternoon ardor inbetween
living as if we were characters from an unending romance novel
filling the pages with more than what could be written about…

Oh, if only I could make my written words become my novel to live out in reality.

Lost In A Crowded Room

Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday: Week 75

What 100 words would you give this image?

Image by Bikurgurl

Lost in a crowded room
so many people
one talking over the other
how did I get here?

I’d rather be there
where the peace is
and people speak
with indoor voices

I feel the Muse stirring
within…but the
distraction of loud
is so deafening

Can’t hear my Muse
I must try to find
the door to escape
so I can dwell in tranquil

The Muse must speak
I must write so that
the rhythm is not broken
or my spirit will taste death

For a poet to breathe words
the rhythm must flow
throughout their life
without end.

A Street Named Normal

Bikurgurl 100 Word Wednesday: Week 74

What 100 words would you give this image?

Image by Bikurgurl

Walking along a street named Normal
reminds me of a past of secret abysmal
with a house that looked good on the outside
and the darkness no one knew on the inside

A yellow house with white trim
an erected white fence around the yard’s rim
two kids, two dogs, two cars, too much facade
going to church every Sunday posing our fraud

Oh the hypocrisy and the damage to my soul
I am ever so grateful for these days of ole’
for it broke me to desperately seek the Light
Light found me and gave my blind eyes sight