Born To Suffer And Die

Cubby’s Poetry Prompt Challenge:  Hero

A hero is born not from the laurels
Of glory but from…

Finish the poem.

Rock Cross

A hero is born not from the laurels

of glory but from the Spirit

conceived in one woman’s womb

for the salvation of a fallen world

~ * ~

Born to suffer sorrows and pain

for all of humanity’s transgressions

yet He was despised and not esteemed

He was oppressed and He was afflicted

~ * ~

Yes, this Hero was born to suffer and die

although many would come to believe in Him

but not lay down their lives for Him

to truly love Him more than themselves

~ * ~

Yet this Hero died for us all anyway

and endured the greatest pain ever known

for out of this greatest pain is birthed

the greatest Love of all for broken mankind.

~ * ~

Let us all love others as this Hero has loved us!

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The Only Choice…

Cubby’s Poetry Prompt Challenge:  Creation

Challenge:  The first 2 lines of the poem are given and we finish the rest:

If I had the power of creation

 Strength borrowed from…

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If I had the power of creation

Strength borrowed from life’s experiences

I would change the only one I can

By the grace of God’s mighty hand


I would have sought more wisdom to be better

Instead of remain imprisoned by pain and anger’s fetter

I would have loved harder by Divine’s command

Instead of shielding my heart with bitter reprimand


This was my past and by paid ransom is finished

And by its power do good so evil is continually diminished

For I cannot change others only use my free will by choice

To follow the commands of whispers from Love’s inner voice


One day at a time seeking to be more like the Son

To touch another’s soul so their torment will be done

And pray for the eternal reaction of a domino effect

That one soul at a time has love and peace be their affect.

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