The Weight Of Shame – 2 Shadorma Poems

MLMM – Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip 

Challenge: Write a Shadorma Poem about an emotion.

The Weight Of Shame

everyone will know
dad loved me
touch impure
can’t look others in the eye
darkness fills the heart

hard to breathe
soul has no sunshine
waiting for
freedom’s day
that the soul may live beyond
this moment’s darkness

Photo Credit: David Kanigan

No Rhyme Or Reason

MLMM Saturday Mix Poetry Challenge – Same Same But Different

Use Synonyms For These 5 Words To Write Poetry Or Prose:

odd: seasonal, chance, random

fight: controversy, conflict

start: dawn, dawning, embarkation,

weak: fragile, frail, powerless, wavering

tired: drained, fatigue, weary

No Rhyme Or Reason

As a new day dawns
I find myself wavering
weary of the inner conflict
of peace and clarity I’m savoring
there is no rhyme or reason
for this inflict
only a random sort of season
Yet, I feel a heart’s desire
to a new embarkation of this day
I will not remain powerless to waver
nor drained to rise above controversy
and although this is a seasonal adversity
I will rise and take hold of my victory!

Photo Credit: artid