The Isolation Of The Tree

Isolation – Pic And A Word Challenge #114

The Isolation Of The Tree

As the tree stands
in the midst of darkness
it appears to be alone
knowing only isolation
from its family of trees
but take a closer look
and you shall see…
the tree stands not alone
but surrounded by the Light
that pushes away the darkness
by Grace this tree is carried
that its roots may never be touched
by the filthiness of the mire
instead remains pure in Luminescence
illuminating the Way for…
other trees to follow
and not remain isolated in shadow

Photo Credit: Deviant Art


From Smoke To Mist

Pic And A Word Challenge #113: Smoke

From Smoke To MIst

As the smokey haze
rests itself upon the mountains
the rising sun shines
a different perspective
upon the tender mist
of the valley secluded
protected by walls of rock
an unmovable force
not to be reckoned with
like a father insulating
his vulnerable child
from smoke to mist
by the Sun’s kiss
only in this Light
can we see through
the smokey mist of Love

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