Eternal Petals – Reverse Etheree Poem

Weekly Tanka Prompt Poetry Challenge – Week #85 – New & Old

Eternal Petals

are the
rose petals
of the young girl
so broken inside
by the ones she trusted
forced to endure the wrong touch
her soul shattered into pieces
every breath she takes with great effort
now a young woman with no life inside

seeking to be healed by a loving force
she turns her eyes towards heaven’s Healer
and inhales the life-giving breath
she stands to rise a gold rose
her petals eternal
never to know shame
a risen soul
living free
she is

Eternal Petals 2

First Photo Credit:  The Blue Ribbon Project

Second Photo Credit:  The Eternity Rose

Many Shades Of Sadness

MLMM Poetry Challenge – Street View

Pick 1 of the 5 Street Art Images and write a poem.

Many Shades Of Sadness

Adorned in brilliant hues
many shades of sadness
rain down her face
she laments her brokenness
bright on the outside
yet, bankrupt on the inside
no one truly knows
how she aches in her soul
everyone assumes…she
“has it all together”
but in her silent darkness
her heart wastes away
devoid of the love she desires
how she wants just one person
to care about her many tears
and know her weeping
is not in vain
as she drowns in her pain
she cries; “will not one hear?”
As she tires from her jeremiad
she falls asleep to dream
of never again hearing…
her agony scream.

A Recipe For The Soul’s Milkshake

November Writing Prompts #NaNoWriMo – Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Word Prompts: mediocrisy & milkshakes

A Recipe For The Soul's Milkshake

To keep the soul vibrantly alive
add these ingredients to its milkshake
so that the soul may always thrive
First add a cup of the milk of Love
guaranteed to never run out
for it flows from Heaven above
Next, add the sweetness of Joy abundant
never will it become redundant
Then, add the flavor of Peace overflowing
and Eternal River unending
Be sure to never allow the bitterness
of mediocrisy to bleed in
for it will poison the life within
Last, blend it all together
and drink to your heart’s pleasure
that you may thrive beyond
to find for yourself a Divine treasure!

Photo Credit: Freydoon Rassouli On Pinterest

Heaven’s Fragrance – Cinquain Poem

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Tuesday Challenge – November 14, 2017

Challenge: Write a poem using the synonyms for : Smell & Cozy

smell: aroma, fragrance, scent, perfume, bouquet

cozy: comfortable, warm, safe, sheltered, secure, toasty

(of relationship or conversation) intimate, relaxed, informal, friendly

Heaven's Fragrance

the Scent
so intimate
reaching down from Heaven
comfortable warm safe friendly

Photo Credit: Pamela Haddix