Solitary Sojourn

Walking what seems like

an endless path

of  unspoken words

a heavy burden

tears not cried

holding my heart prisoner

awaiting release

from life’s storm

yet grateful for

the comfort of 

Autumn’s hearth

warming my soul

~ * ~

I Need Help Please!!!

I am having a problem with WP and I do not know how to resolve it.  Every time I try to leave a comment on someone’s website it responds with this message:  “Error: Please fill the required fields.”  I do not know what that means.  I do not understand what the “required fields” are.  If anyone understands what this means please let me know so I can resolve this problem.  I will be very grateful for any help anyone can offer me.  Thank you so much, Deborah

UPDATE:  Sadje and Leah responded saying the solution to this problem is to respond through the Reader and we can leave comments that way.  I just tried it and it works!  Thank you Sadje and Leah!

Weathered By Grace

A tic in the dark

toc in the light

moments fine line

between day and night

finding the way

through a ten year storm…

the door has opened

stepping to new rhythms

dancing to different beats

fresh season of unknowns

hope filled promises

growing and changing

from what was 

weathered by Grace


the accent of my heart

~ * ~

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Mother Nature’s Balm

Sometimes when the soul

is hit with too many

things at once

it dives into distress

frozen, unable to focus

the stirring inside

disrupts the flow of peace

can’t find the words to pray

tears will not release

it is then the only source of 

comfort can be found

in the healing balm of 

Mother Nature

~ * ~

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Courage To Fly

A stirring in the soul


will not remain silent

only choice

be still…listen


then, only then

will its voice be set free 

into the wild

that the soul

may once again 

soar upon

the wings of eagles

~ * ~

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A Moments Choice

A cloudy mind

an aching heart

yet beneath it all

lies the Light

patiently waiting

for the request to 

cast it all away

the choice to act takes

but a moment to 

end the misery…

a compassionate act

towards oneself

~ * ~

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