Broken So Beautiful – Remembering Bella

The Daily Post – Broken

Bella Showing Blue Eyes_Fotor

“Blue-eyed Bella”

Born: over 14yrs ago

Adopted: February 4, 2014

Laid to cross the Rainbow Bridge to freedom:

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My heart has been broken
in the most beautiful way
an opportunity to love one
that was once a stray

A unique personality
that was all her own
a spritely joy given
this blessing from heaven

She sang to me every morning
and a smile blessed my heart
her mesmerizing blue eyes
had me from the start

I didn’t know much about
her previous years of life
all that mattered to me
she was now mine to delight

She loved me in her
own special way
precious moments shared
in my heart they will always stay

Our time together was short
only fours years to make the best
before our time to part
for her eternal rest

Oh the abundance
in such a short time
grateful for this dance
of love, laughter, and tears sublime

A joy so full, a joy complete
a love always unending
and the peace of knowing
from suffering she is free!

Archaic Ache – Freestyle Poem

The Daily Post – Archaic

Archaic Ache

Archaic is the ache of my heart
for days gone by, days of ole
days before the cell phone got its start

When people walking down the street
would look each other in the eye
and smile into one another’s soul
now people never look up to see
the light of love and beauty
only looking down to see the inanimate object
their hands cling to so desperately

A loss of intimacy that once existed
now a disconnect of the warmth
that is no longer revisited

Archaic tears have now become new
for the loss of closeness we once knew

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Let Us Speak Life – Freestyle Poem

The Daily Post – Narcissism

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #55 – Twaddle

This weekend the challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 98 words.

Let Us Speak Life

Proverbs 18:21

Let our tongues not twaddle
the words that cut into another’s soul
nor encourage the world’s narcissism

Let our tongues not twaddle
seeds of negativity that cradle
the power to diminish hope’s gold

Let our tongues not twaddle
the attitudes of hate and discrimination
or the rape of defamation

But Do…

Let us speak
the power of love
into another’s heart

Let us speak
the words that
build another’s worth

Let us speak
faith to overcome
the fools that do twaddle…

For the tongue has the power
of life and death
let us always strive
to speak life!

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The Thin Line – Freestyle Prose

The Daily Post – “Thin”

MLMM Photo Challenge #214

Use the image as inspiration for a poem or short story.

Flora Borsi

She was once a woman
so whole and complete
or so she thought…

She was ready to love
with an open and receiving heart
then she met the man
that was to be the one
or so she thought…

She gave herself to him
in every way known
he received and never gave

She soon lost herself
in the misty blue void
of his mind control

And after awhile he became bored
with how easy it was to
manipulate her puppet strings
so he threw her away
for a new conquest

Now, all that is left of her
is a shadow of a woman
leaving a trail of
broken heart blood drops
silently crying out to
the only True Love
that can save her from herself…

It’s a thin line between

the spirit of life
the spirit of death

Photo Credit:  Flora Borsi

Love’s Tantrum & Illumine

The Daily Post – Tantrum & Haiku Horizons Weekly Sunday Prompt – Move


Love’s Tantrum

Let us not throw tantrums over
the foolish things of the world
instead, move to take heart
of the ones who have been hurled

Do throw righteous tantrums over
the injustice we see:
degradation of rape
abuse of a child
brutality of domestic violence
senseless murder of texting while driving…

Yes! Let us throw angry justified tantrums
instead of letting our souls be filled
with uncaring spiritual hum-drum

Move to rise in Love’s Tantrum
and illumine this darkened world


move to rise above
the pettiness of the world
allow Love to reign

Photo Credit:  Deviant Art

Vague Love – Sedoka Poem

The Daily Post – Vague

The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta with the  following syllable counts: 5/7/7, 5/7/7

The Katauta form was used for poems addressed to a lover. A single katauta is considered incomplete or a half-poem, however, a pair of katautas using the syllable count of 5,7,7 is called a sedoka

Vague Love

Your words say you love
your actions bring confusion
vague is your concept of love

Speak of love no more
for empty words cut the heart
blood is the tears that are wept

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