We Are Too Strong – Prose & Haiku

Written In Response To:

Helene’s Weekly Challenge Prompt June 11, 2019:  What Do You See? –  write a post on your own blog,  your choice of poetry or a story.


A remembrance from the past

statue made of stone symbolizing

her face coupled in her hands and

bound by the serpent’s strength

that she not be remembered for

the Warrior Spirit she once was

instead a faceless, void spirit that

he wants forgotten by all

but to the serpents dismay

she lives on through each

generation of Warrior Women Survivors

and she is seen and remembered

by all who encounter us…

enemy attempts

to destroy the survivors

but we are too strong

~ * ~

Weekly challenge


Magnificent Power

Willow Poetry Tuesday Weekly Challenge April 2, 2019 – What Do You See?

Write a post on your own blog. Your choice of Poetry, Stories, whatever you see/feel about this photo.


In the ebony night sky

two lightning bolts come

together in search of each other

to become one accord…a

magnificent power of

fierce force igniting

the all Consuming Fire

traveling in the clouds

for all to be awestruck

with a reverence to enlighten…

God has spoken.

The Silver Key

Willow Poetry Tuesday Weekly Challenge – What Do You See March 5, 2019

Photo prompt for this week:


A woman of gold and bronze

catching a silver key

filled with curiosity

of to which door it will lead

~ * ~

Will it lead to her lover’s heart

or to a love much greater than him

will it open the door to opportunities

or will it lead to her dreams possibilities

~ * ~

Wherever it leads her heart she must

have hope and an unshakable faith

that leads her to soar

beyond the locked gate.