The Tears Of A Cloud

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #41 – Weather

Poetry Challenge – Write a poem of any length that is inspired by the photo prompt, where the first and last lines are the same.

Word Prompt: Weather

Photo Prompt:

The tears of a cloud
words unspoken aloud
drenching all they fall upon
an empty hole becomes a pond
the pain and sorrows drown
releasing the heart’s frown
washing, cleansing, turning around
that now, healing may abound
gone are all the doubts and fears
sunshine paints the sky of heart
all darkness has now depart
because of words unspoken aloud
the tears of a cloud

Bare Pages, Bare Heart – Prose Poem

Weekend Writing Prompt #36 – Begin

Word Prompt – Begin

Photo Prompt:

As I stare at the bare pages in front of me
I take a deep breath and be still in the moment
with pen in hand I speak the truth from within
the soul must have its voice or suffocate in silence
bringing death to the spirit without a purpose to ignite
In the mist of inspiration whispers are composed
awakening a brilliant artistry to behold
touching the heart of the one who reads the utterances
With the power of the pen and an inner sigh is how I begin
to tell the spiritual journey’s lore of wisdom gained through pain
not with a New Year’s resolution that will remain unkept
instead with a choice each day to release the words unwept
Therefore, there are no expectations to disappoint
only desires that are fulfilled beyond imagination’s point
As I stare at the bare pages before me…
to scribe this poet’s heart for all to see.