Birth Of A Sage Soul

Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Spontaneous

Free Verse Revolution – September Writing Prompt #1 – Stormclouds

BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Challenge – Sage

Sue Vincent Thursday Photo Prompt:  Poised #writephoto – Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose.

Spontaneous are the blows of life

That will hit without any warning

Like stormclouds that suddenly appear

With lightening bolts of pain and anger

That strike the soul down into a dismay

Of weight that is too heavy to carry

And in the midst it can seem nearly

Impossible to stand and remain poised

While drowning in a flood of suffering lament

Due to the injustices one must bear

While the world goes on without a care…

Yet, we weather the storm with strength though

We cannot see until the sun shines again

The gift of a sage soul is borne with faith to know

But for the grace of God there go I 

An eternal soul that shall never die.

~ * ~

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Let Choice Be Your Voice

Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Popular

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #102 – PROMPT #102: 

Public figures make us hate their enemies.

Let it not limit you to a specific realm, or the literal meaning of the words. Go with the flow that the words generate in you, and don’t stop. It can be a creative stream of thoughts, a reflection, a value judgement, essay, rant, biased/unbiased opinion or analysis. There are no bars.

Public figures cannot make us hate

unless we choose this to be our fate


They have no power to make us follow their way

unless we choose to buy into their gameplay


Although it is popular to follow the majority

we can choose to follow a Higher Authority


You see, to follow the majority is so easy to do

because it’s easier than having others think we’re a fool


Great strength and courage it takes to stand apart

and lead others to see it’s love that we must impart


Free will is a power, a gift that has been bestowed

to use so that unwise choices may be winnowed


For free will is a privilege, an honor to be revered

that by others we shall never be commandeered


So board the Freedom Train of free will choice

and allow Love’s righteous way be your voice!

~ * ~

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Frustrated Rant – 5 By 7 Poem

A 5 By 7 Poem was made up by me, Deborah for this challenge.  It is 5 lines with 7 syllables each and rhyming is an option.

Written In Response To:

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Charisma

Word Of The Day Challenge – Options

Patricia’s Place 5 Lines Or Less Challenge – In Other Words – Waiting.  Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less.  Use the picture and/or the word waiting as inspiration.

Here we are waiting again

for a ride that’s always late

I bet that if we had some

charisma we’d have options

like riding in a limo!

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  misterfarmer from Pixabay


The Visit

Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Zone

Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 101 – Moving on to this week, here’s an image prompt….

As a grown man looks into the conical zone

of his mind’s memories captured with silhouetted shadows

filled with the pain of his early childhood traumas

he remembers a frozen moment in time as a young boy

seeking purpose and waiting for an answer, he 

stood still holding the lamp switch and it was then

that he heard from two angels appearing as airplanes

and they began to speak this message to him 

that would forever change his life:


“In order for you to fly My son, you must turn on the light

to chase away the dark shadows of your past, and move forward 

into the plan and promises I have waiting for you.” 


The boy then, although fearful turned on the light as he

was instructed and the shadows were chased away and he

filled with the faith to move forward into the plan and promises 

to live beyond what his imagination could ever imagine!

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Artist – Anastasia Elias

Living Tree

Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Gesture

BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Challenge – Presenting the week’s challenge – You may use the words and/or the image for this week’s prompt.  Prompt word – spiritual.

IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #33 – How would you interpret this image below?

Untitled (1)

poem in motion

dance of the soul and body

spiritual gesture

~ * ~

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,

    which yields its fruit in season

and whose leaf does not wither—

    whatever they do prospers.

(Psalm 1:3 NIV)

~ * ~

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