A Vacated Ache

NaPoWriMo Challenge 2019 – Day 11

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #82 – Black Hole 


See if you can explore the science, give it a new twist, write a fairy tale or fables around it, or give it a totally new meaning.

April Writing Prompt #2 – April’s Theme: Death – Ashes and Dust


The Haunted Wordsmith Elemental Writing Challenge April 11, 2019

For this challenge, we will explore one of the four elements: air, earth, water, fire.  This week’s focus is Fire.  Simply use the word and/or image provided and be inspired by the natural element.

Today’s prompt and image: smoking:

This fire that burns around

the black hole of my soul

incinerates the aches and pains of

a family love I never came to know

turning them into the death of ashes and dust

to be left in the abyss of space and time

never to return to me again leaving

only the sweet smoking incense of healing

an aroma that fulfills a vacated ache knowing

there is now only a peace from what never was.

~ * ~

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For the Elemental Writing Challenge Prompt:  Vasilijus Bortnikas from Pixabay


The Longing Ache Of Soul

You Shall Have Homes, N.C. Wyeth (1928)

In the soul where war can rage

Sits a desperate yearning for peace

Peace on this earth and

Peace in God’s houses for…

Hate to turn to love and

Fleeting happiness to turn to

An eternal joy that is strength

For tongues to speak Love’s Wisdom

Instead of darkness that rapes a soul

~ * ~

The longing, the desiring, the aching

For this to be–Is it futile to hope

For the reverence that once was

In days past?  Shall it ever be again?

One can ache, one can long, one can hope

And desire to be the light that shines

Through this controversy…

~ * ~

Yet it will demand a great strength

To love against the majority and stand

For the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Photo Credit:  Toko-Pa 

Archaic Ache – Freestyle Poem

The Daily Post – Archaic

Archaic Ache

Archaic is the ache of my heart
for days gone by, days of ole
days before the cell phone got its start

When people walking down the street
would look each other in the eye
and smile into one another’s soul
now people never look up to see
the light of love and beauty
only looking down to see the inanimate object
their hands cling to so desperately

A loss of intimacy that once existed
now a disconnect of the warmth
that is no longer revisited

Archaic tears have now become new
for the loss of closeness we once knew

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Whispers From The Heart

Whispers From The Spirit

There’s an ache in my heart
the weight of uncried tears
they hold tight to stay where they are
I invite them to flow into the Light
they refuse my invitation, preferring
not to leave their current destination
what shall I do to make them flow
for I want this weight to go
so I put pen to paper
to give my ache a voice
that it may rise from my heart
and ride upon angels wings
into the universe and depart
not to return again, instead
to have Perfect Love abound
and turn this sad heart around
looking up instead of down
this the path I choose to walk
for it is by Grace that I have this choice
to have given my ache its voice
and now the silence of Love
prevails from heaven above
so mighty is the pen
that is my good friend
leading me to depend
on whispers from the Spirit!

Photo Credit: fineartamerica