The Whispers

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Patricia’s Place 5 lines or less challenge – In Other Words, The Beach – Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less.  Use the picture and/or the word(s), the beach as inspiration.  Link back to this post.

a lonely seashell

holding secrets to be heard

draw close and listen

to the whispers of the beach

that will wash away the pain

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  seth0s Pixabay



Listen To Shell Speak

Carpe Diem Extra – 2nd Edition Of The Troiku Kukai

For this 2nd edition of the Troiku Kukai I have chosen a nice haiku by the classical master Yosa Buson (1716-1784). Separate the three lines and create a new haiku with every separated line.

Springtime rain — 
a little shell on a small beach, 
enough to moisten it

My added lines will appear in italics.

springtime rain –
a little shell on a small beach
enough to moisten it

springtime rain –
cleanses the air and makes way
rebirth begins new

a little shell on a small beach
the giant ocean washes
all old memories

enough to moisten it
flowering new memories
listen to shell speak