The Legend Of The Birth

The Daily Post Poetry Prompt – Legend

The Legend Of The Birth

The legend of the Birth
began before the beginning of time
foretold that it would one day be
the Birth to die to save humanity
the Birth would one day come to endure
from miscreants such bitter hostility
yet despite this would bring healing to remedy
the ills of all the lost and broken souls
with a Great Love from days of ole
and now comes the day 25 to celebrate
the Birth that saved humanity’s fate
So let us on bended knee transparent
with hearts washed whiter than snow
come and adore the Birth of the Ancient
knowing the Birth became the Death
that would imbue to souls the Breath
of eternal life through the tragedy
of the Cross that ransomed our malady
So let all souls be raised in thanksgiving
for there is no greater legend on this earth
than the legend of the Birth.

Photo Credit: Etsy