Praise Be!

Praise Be_Fotor

Praise be to the One
the God of all salvation
given through the cross of His Son
a love without prejudice or condition

Glorified is His holy name
for we are never forgotten
and our anxious hearts He does tame
all by the name of His Son begotten

He is the God of eternal grace
and through faith we are filled
knowing one day we will come face to face
for by Him this has been willed, Amen!

Within, Without

Sunny…warm sunshine…breezy winds
uneasy thoughts…different day…different time
afternoon instead of early morn…more busyness
more people…more distraction…more noise
where’s my quiet calm…within…

The busyness of the afternoon
as opposed to…
the quiet calm of early morn
desiring for my circumstance
to change ever so soon
that my heart not remain forlorn
but through it all…

I have joy that is my strength
a divine confidence to walk tall
and endurance to go the length
hope that is my anchor
faith to follow the Plan
living for the spiritual lore
and telling of the Mighty Hand
for I am more than a conqueror
this is my promise in all these things
and the reason my heart sings

This the gift from God
to a soul so beautifully flawed!