So The Legend Tells – A Short Tale

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – “It’s All In The Title”

Choose one or more titles and construct a poem or story around it.

Title:  The Day The Willows Shrieked

The Willow Realm was once a beautiful place to dwell
filled with Special Willows so the legend tells
it was a place of peace and beauty enlightened
with the magical mist of Sun’s light and the Healing Lake
filled with the powers of the Medicinal Angels
Under each Willow Tree was a comforting shade, where
souls weary from life’s journey could lie down and find rest.

Now, these Special Willows were gifted with the ability to comfort
lost and broken souls. These Willows allowed souls to unburden every
darkness known to mankind. Then the souls would cleanse themselves
in the Healing Lake and then rest and rejuvenate to start living again.

As the world grew more and more violent and dark, more and more souls came to the Willow Realm to unburden and heal. But, one day, the Willow Trees became out numbered and overwhelmed by all the souls lost in so much darkness that they could no longer bear the weight of the confessions. Suddenly, the Willow Trees shrieked with such a deafening sound that it shook the entire earth! It caused the hearing to no longer hear and the speaking to mute. The quake of the earth caused the bottom of the Healing Lake to open and swallow the medicinal waters. The magical mist of the Sun’s light turned to ashes of ebony night. The Willow Trees once so fierce and strong, wept the silence of death, so the legend tells.

To Be Set Free

November Writing Prompts #NaNoWriMo #16 – Insignificant Artifacts

To Be Set Free

To be set free…
Do not choose Pride
it is spiritual suicide
instead choose Humility
for it will always set you free
Do not choose Greed
it will lead to a toxic deed
instead choose Liberality
for it will always set you free
Do not choose Lust
it will become like a swarm of locust
instead choose Chasity
for it will always set you free
Do not choose Envy
it will leave you empty
instead choose Benignity
for it will always set you free
Do not choose Gluttony
it will leave you hungry
instead choose Sobriety
for it will always set you free
Do not choose Wrath
it leads to a murderous path
instead choose Tenacity
for it will always set you free
Do not choose Sloth
it will become a burdensome sackcloth
instead choose Assiduity
for it will always set you free
Leave behind these seven deadly
insignificant artifacts
that bring death to the soul
instead drink of these seven vital
extraordinary relics
that bring life to the soul
for it will always set you free!

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No Rhyme Or Reason

MLMM Saturday Mix Poetry Challenge – Same Same But Different

Use Synonyms For These 5 Words To Write Poetry Or Prose:

odd: seasonal, chance, random

fight: controversy, conflict

start: dawn, dawning, embarkation,

weak: fragile, frail, powerless, wavering

tired: drained, fatigue, weary

No Rhyme Or Reason

As a new day dawns
I find myself wavering
weary of the inner conflict
of peace and clarity I’m savoring
there is no rhyme or reason
for this inflict
only a random sort of season
Yet, I feel a heart’s desire
to a new embarkation of this day
I will not remain powerless to waver
nor drained to rise above controversy
and although this is a seasonal adversity
I will rise and take hold of my victory!

Photo Credit: artid