Composed In Love

In Response To:

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Sangfroid

Your Daily Word Prompt – Lapse – January 14, 2021

With a lapse in composure

many things can be 

said and done that can

cut deep into the soul of

a fellow human being

leaving them broken and

feeling like they are worthless…

Let us be composed in Love

knowing we are all

precious and valued creations

of God

always conveying this truth 

to others in words and

most importantly…


~ * ~

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Sacredly Scarred Feet

Walking the way

to the small gate

a narrow yet jagged road

that is easily fallen from

for those with the 

courage of faith

to keep on the journey

will have their feet cut

to bleed all darkness

that blocks one from Light,

Truth, and Freedom from

all worldly idols of heart

distractions killing the spirit

they shall wail loudly a

sweet cry for the lost and

broken to follow into the

Everlasting Pasture

where the scarred feet will

rest upon the Holy grass healed.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest