A Moment’s Reprieve

BrewNSpew Cafe – Word Of The Week – Escapism

A Moment's Reprieve

In the depths of her heart’s forest

she dawns her emerald green robe

to see where her imagination will probe

anywhere away from the reality

of her life…a different day

awakening to no new season

when she feels she can’t go on this way

she lets her fantasy take her away

the art of escapism allows for

one to leave the reality of what is

even if just for a little while

granting but a moment’s reprieve

for she knows escapism to anywhere

other than within herself is a

prophesied death to her soul.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

Fantasy Futile?

Tuesday Weekly Challenge – What Do You See? – February 26, 2019


She stands in a dream

and sees her fantasy

a big beautiful castle

upon a mountain legacy

~ * ~

On a full moon night

it shines so bright

as big as a dream can

In the subconscious of a human

~ * ~

But will her fantasy come true

to live in her heart’s desire castle

filled with warm light and love’s hue

or will it always be…a fantasy futile?