Frustrated Rant – 5 By 7 Poem

A 5 By 7 Poem was made up by me, Deborah for this challenge.  It is 5 lines with 7 syllables each and rhyming is an option.

Written In Response To:

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Charisma

Word Of The Day Challenge – Options

Patricia’s Place 5 Lines Or Less Challenge – In Other Words – Waiting.  Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less.  Use the picture and/or the word waiting as inspiration.

Here we are waiting again

for a ride that’s always late

I bet that if we had some

charisma we’d have options

like riding in a limo!

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  misterfarmer from Pixabay


Ancient Rhythm – Tanka

Written In Response To:

Sue Vincent Thursday Photo Prompt:  Wicker #writephoto – Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose.

hands joined together

their spirits power become one

voices lifted up

ancient wicker women sway

to rhythm of chanting prayers

~ * ~



Written In Response To:

Patricia’s Place 5 Lines Or Less – In Other Words, ho-hum Challenge – Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less.  Use the picture and/or the word ho-hum as inspiration


It’s 9am and I have already…shredded the toilet paper

And kicked around the litter from my litter box

I left my mark in my mom’s favorite slipper

I tore into the dry food bag and ate till I couldn’t

Sigh…now the rest of the day will just have to be ho-hum.

~ * ~

In Other Words

Tea, Gossip & Sin

Word Of The Day Challenge – Tea

Your Daily Word Prompt – Omit – April 23, 2019

Light Motiffs Three Things Challenge PL68 – Today’s prompt: black, hotel, cheater.

Titanic Check out those hats!

Every Wednesday morning after Bible study

the wives of the church leadership get together

at the local but for the “very elite only” hotel

for their weekly tea, gossip and sin session

where they talk about the sinners who don’t

measure up to their superior religious ways.


The requirement to join if worthy to be in their presence

was to take a vow to always drink only organic tea

with an absolute must to forever omit the refined sugar

drinking the tea with an all natural eloquence

proclaiming that the reason for this unusual vow

is to maintain what they call their “dainty figures.”


Now, there was a new wealthy member of the church

who appeared to meet the high standards required to

be invited to come and join their tea drinking clique.


At first all was going well then the ladies noticed

that the new woman’s figure was not remaining “dainty”

so they decided to find out what was going on…

it turns out she has been a cheater with a dark secret

she’s been drinking non-organic tea swimming in

an ocean of refined sugar every day at home!


When the ladies saw this they took a picture of her

and posted it on the church’s Facebook page, and then,

they of course black balled her from the tea drinking clique!


The poor woman had to spend every single Sunday living

down the humiliation of her sugar-tea addiction.

Oh the sin of it all!

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest


Death Erupted – Sedoka Poem

The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta with the following syllable counts: 5/7/7, 5/7/7. A Sedoka, pair of katauta as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing perspectives.  Shadow Poetry.

The Haunted Wordsmith Genre Writing Challenge – April 20, 2019

The purpose of this challenge is to push ourselves to dip our toes in other genres than we normally write in. The form of writing is up to you. 

Today’s genre and image: Haunting.

Where love seemed to live

truth became reality

secrets no longer hidden


Haunting is this house

vicious crimes were committed

its soul erupted in death

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Manufactured Discord

The Haunted Wordsmith Story Starter Challenge & Opposites Attract Challenge

Story Starter:  Today’s sentence: “Sitting on the front porch.”

Opposites Attract:  For this challenge, I provide one word and a list of its antonyms. The challenge is to use the prompt word AND one (or more) of its antonyms in some form of writing (or creative work). 

Today’s prompt: discord.

Antonyms: accord, agreement, concord, concordance, harmony, peace.

Here's to Spring sunrises, foggy mornings and coffee on the porch. Happy Saturday friends! I'll be taking care of a preemie lamb today.…

Sitting on the front porch sipping tea

inhaling fresh air and sunshine

basking in the peace and harmony

of nature’s ever so sweet symphony

thinking; does it get any better than this?

when all of a sudden I was startled

right out of my still state of mind

by some loud discord filled with words unkind

I could not believe what I was hearing

conversations like this don’t happen in this clearing

for we are a quiet, peace lovin’ folk out here

as I listened closer, I realized it was coming from

inside my house and went to investigate and found

my husband had all the way turned up the T.V. sound

because the forgetful old fool

forgot to put in his hearing aid tool!

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

Sweetless At Midnight

Light Motiffs II – Three Things Challenge PL49 

 Every day at 10PM (PST) I will post three seemingly unconnected things that will, hopefully, ignite your muse. You don’t have to use all three things if you don’t want to. There are no restrictions on length, style, genre, or anything. Simply read the prompt, see where your muse takes you, and bring us along for the ride.  Today’s prompt: midnight, sweatshirt, application.

The Haunted Wordsmith Story Starter Challenge & Elemental Writing Challenge

Story Starter Prompt:  “It was our darkest hour.”

Elemental Writing Challenge: For this challenge, we will explore one of the four elements: air, earth, water, fire.  This week’s focus is AIR.

Today’s word and image:


It was our darkest hour of our marriage

for five years we had been saving and planning

our very special midnight rendezvous of sweet lovin’

to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary

~ * ~

The resort we chose was well known for all its

tropical delights including everyday warm sunshine

but when we arrived there and settled in…

suddenly, we were blasted with the

frigid air of an unexpected freak Winter storm

killing all the anticipation we had built up over the five years

and alas, we had to enact the application of

sweatshirts and sweatpants because

this tropical resort has no heaters installed in the rooms

which left us completely sweetless at midnight!

~ * ~

So The Legend Tells – A Short Tale

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt – “It’s All In The Title”

Choose one or more titles and construct a poem or story around it.

Title:  The Day The Willows Shrieked

The Willow Realm was once a beautiful place to dwell
filled with Special Willows so the legend tells
it was a place of peace and beauty enlightened
with the magical mist of Sun’s light and the Healing Lake
filled with the powers of the Medicinal Angels
Under each Willow Tree was a comforting shade, where
souls weary from life’s journey could lie down and find rest.

Now, these Special Willows were gifted with the ability to comfort
lost and broken souls. These Willows allowed souls to unburden every
darkness known to mankind. Then the souls would cleanse themselves
in the Healing Lake and then rest and rejuvenate to start living again.

As the world grew more and more violent and dark, more and more souls came to the Willow Realm to unburden and heal. But, one day, the Willow Trees became out numbered and overwhelmed by all the souls lost in so much darkness that they could no longer bear the weight of the confessions. Suddenly, the Willow Trees shrieked with such a deafening sound that it shook the entire earth! It caused the hearing to no longer hear and the speaking to mute. The quake of the earth caused the bottom of the Healing Lake to open and swallow the medicinal waters. The magical mist of the Sun’s light turned to ashes of ebony night. The Willow Trees once so fierce and strong, wept the silence of death, so the legend tells.