The Whispers Of The Soul

In Response To:

BrewNSpew Cafe Weekly Word Challenge – Folklore – You may use the word(s), phrase and/or image to interpret the prompt.

Shot from: @larsvandegoor  Fall #mountain #mountains #sky...

Hidden behind the mist

are the voices left behind

telling stories of folklore

with hidden treasures to find


Along the sea’s shore

in the forest so deep

let your soul be your guide

that your journey be complete


Be willing to search far and wide

leave nothing left to chance

always keep eyes of heart open

and never settle for a glance


And let the mind’s eye broaden

to the tales once foretold

seeds planted so deep within

are the whispers of the soul


Let not this travel seem a burden

for you have not far to go

you only need be still and listen

to the whispers of the soul

~ * ~

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Kiss Of Enlightenment – Freestyle Poem

Jilly’s 28 Days Of Unreason Poetry – Day 10

Write a poem inspired by this quote:

“Just beyond the bruised lips of consciousness” – Jim Harrison –

from Birds Again

Kiss Of Enlightenment

To once have been asleep
in the world of self-consciousness
where self only sees itself
in the shadow of valley’s weep

Until one day a Force of Greatness
comes along and awakens the self
to everything beyond itself to see
that there is more than just the “me”

A rude awakening so amazing
when Light dawns upon the consciousness
and the soul rises from its coma
into an abundant life-filled gazing

To see, to know, to care, to love
the world going on outside
to understand it must ascend
and with Truth collide

Because Light came into the darkness
to bruise the lips of the soul
with a kiss of enlightenment
into a higher consciousness foretold

Photo Credit:  Pinterest