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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #51: Green – Whether you want to apply it literally or figuratively, be creative.  To participate, just publish a post on your own blog and link back here or drop a link in the comments.

I still myself

close my eyes


the burdens upon

my soul

then my spirit

begins the journey

to the forest path

where emerald green

trees beckon strength

to my weary heart

then my spirit enters

a misty green realm

where I lose myself

away from distractions

and the concrete jungle

of busy disconnect

and I know only

a Higher Soul

of connect

and nothing from


can touch


~ * ~

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In The Down

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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #46:  RESPONSE – For this week’s challenge, I thought it might be interesting to create a post in response to someone else’s work.

In The Down

Many year ago

I used to keep

people down

with me so I

would not be lonely

it made me feel

falsely superior to them

I was jealous because

I could see their

possibility to soar

and I didn’t want

to be left behind

though I was never able

to hold them down

for very long…


But one day, Grace

came to meet me

in the down, empty

death in my soul

that I may soar

to lift others up

instead of hold them

and myself down.

~ * ~

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The Colour Of Pride

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Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt:  Monochrome #writephoto – Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose.

This monochrome house

filled with a shaded lifestyle

never choosing the white Light

instead straddling between

the white and the black

firmly rooted deep in the gray and

after many years of life this way

this house, now bowing under

the weight of its pride shall

fall completely into the

black of its souls abyss for

never choosing the white Light

to shine upon the…

shaded gray of its pride.

~ * ~


A Longing Ache

Written In Response To:

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #85 – There is no restriction on the length or format of the piece. 


Ancient tree woman

melancholy ponderings

of when she was

but a seedling

young, tender, delicate

reminiscent of past loves

and other experiences

she was carefree

living in wonder

never concerned with

a future of settled

and although she

has gained great

wisdom through the ages

still, there is one

thing left unfulfilled

a longing ache

for a love eternal

~ * ~

Behind The Ornate Door

Written In Response To:

Word Of The Day Challenge – Lackluster

Your Daily Word Prompt – Lies – April 27, 2019

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #24 – Every Wednesday I post a photo.  You respond with something CREATIVE.

Behind the intricate ornate door

is a gathering of souls who hold the key

there is but one requirement to enter

a soul must walk in the light of Truth

if a soul walks in the dark of lies it then

becomes lackluster and cannot enter

because Truth is the key that opens the door

to a soul’s rest and rejuvenation…

for one can become weary standing for Truth

in a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred

it is a privileged vocation to be signs of a

love that can bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.

~ * ~

Time’s Scythe – Word Bank Poem

Written In Response To:

NaPoWriMo Challenge 2019 – Day 27 – Prompt – I’d like to challenge you to “remix” a Shakespearean sonnet.  You can pick a line you like and use it as the genesis for a new poem. Or make a “word bank” out of a sonnet, and try to build a new poem using the same words (or mostly the same words) as are in the poem. Or you could try to write a new poem that expresses the same idea as one of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

My Word Bank poem was inspired by William Shakespeare’s sonnet XII.

Girl sitting on a clock in the middle of a field surreal art

The clock tells time

whether in brave day

or the hideous of night

behold the violet ancient

once lush purple now sable

a lofty tree barren of leaves

summer green beauties sweet

die fast…wastes of time

seasons borne then pass away

question I make of this

redundant cycle’s purpose

can it stop and be still

even but a moment’s time?

no…the unending answer

for nothing can go ‘gainst

Time’s Scythe.

~ * ~

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Love’s Comfort

NaPoWriMo Challenge 2019 – Day 24 – Lachrymose – Locate a dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia, open it at random, and consider the two pages in front of you to be your inspirational playground for the day. Maybe a strange word will catch your eye, or perhaps the mishmash of information will provide you with the germ of a poem.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Renew – April 24, 2019

Word Of The Day Challenge – Delayed

The Haunted Wordsmith Opposites Attract Challenge – Today’s prompt: heavenly.  Antonyms: atrocious, awful, execrable, lousy, pathetic, poor, rotten, terrible, vile, wretched.

Watertema soos myne mosaiek

When one has been battling illness,

trials and tribulations for some time

and remains faithful and diligent in prayer

yet the answers are delayed for many years

it can cause the soul to become lachrymose

and leave the spirit feeling wretched and broken

in these seasons is when grace’s strength is spoken

by helping us to renew our heavenly  hope once again

this is when we are reminded that even though the answers

have not yet come to relieve our sorrows and sufferings

Love’s comfort is always there to carry us through!

~ * ~

Proverbs 15:13 (AMPC)

13 A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken.

~ * ~

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Forever Lone

Word Of The Day Challenge – Ugly

Your Daily Word Prompt – Initiative – April, 21, 2019

The Haunted Wordsmith Opposites Attract & Elemental Writing Challenges

Opposites Attract: Today’s word: obscure – Antonyms: accessible, clear, nonambiguous, obvious, plain, unambiguous, unequivocal.

Elemental Writing: This week’s focus is Earth.  Today’s prompt and image: destructive.

Destructive are the ways of mankind

upon this the Creator’s beautiful earth

where once stood a building enshrined

has become ugly wrought into dearth

obscure was the inspiration in planning

obvious not one took the initiative to

build upon the indestructible strength of

the Chief Cornerstone…

and what once was shall lay forever lone.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Angelo Giordano from Pixabay

The Death Of Not Letting Go

NaPoWriMo Challenge 2019 – Day 18

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #83


Free Verse Revolution April Writing Prompt #3 – The Things Left Behind

April’s Theme: Death


When spiritual felonies are committed against us

the rape of the soul, the murder of our spirit

things that seem completely impossible to forgive

they can fester so deep with the core where light lives

manifesting into life-size weighted puppets

hanging from the ceiling of the soul

turning it upside down from light to darkness

causing a slow and painful death of spirit

when forgiveness is not the chosen way

and these puppets and their shadows

are not, through forgiveness, the things left behind.

~ * ~

Photo Credit For Reena’s Challenge:  Perspective

Proffered Promise

A2Z Challenge 2019 – Day 18 – Letter “P” – My Challenge Theme: Love/Peace

Your Daily Word Prompt – Sunshine – April 18, 2019

Word Of The Day Challenge – Reminiscent

Reminiscent of the rivers current

is the unending flow of Love

an unstoppable force of power

that always covers and surrounds

the objects of objection that try

to get in the way to block the stream

and invites all to join the River’s journey

providing peace, stability and unmatchable beauty

filled with the warmth of the Sun’s sunshine

with a proffered promise of everlasting life.

~ * ~

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