Her Breast Of Love

Jilly’s 28 Days Of Unreason Poetry – Day 22

Write a poem inspired by this quote:

“The world that used to nurse us now keeps shouting insane instructions. That’s why I ran to the woods.”  Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason

Cold Stone World

I’ve known the world to
nurse some and reject others
like an unwanted child
leaving them homeless and hungry
and wishing they would drop off
the face of this earth…

The insane attitudes have always
been the same…they never change
only now they are louder and more
provocative…love the rich hate the poor
making it harder for the poor to
survive in this cold stone world…

Is it no wonder we revert
back to Mother Nature
a Mother who accepts her
rejected children for who they are
and offers Her breast of love
to nurse the dispirited souls
that are so beautifully flawed.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

In Truth And Deed

1 John 3-18

So much cruelty in the world
breaking and grieving the heart
sometimes…it seems as though…
the sadness will never depart

But there is a Hope to be found
in the Grace that grants new sight
the Strength within that can abound
and raise us up into Beautiful Might

To shine Divinity upon the world’s despair
and help the world know through kindness
that there is the Heart that does care
and desires to heal the brokenness

And know the Joy that brings life
the Love that ends sorrow and strife
the Victory that conquers the world
the Power that defeats the dark one who kills

So with a Love from days of ole
let us not love merely in word alone
but let us love in Truth and deed
and plant in this world Salvation’s Seed.

Photo Credit: Bible Hub

The Prickles Of The Soul

Rachel Cactus

This poem was inspired by the Word Of The Day – “Prickle.”

The prickles of the soul
are sin from days of ole
prickles of hate, anger and pain
fear, despair and pride’s bane

Leaving no room for Light Divine
turning one into a rabid bovine
causing the tongue to rape and murder
instead of allowing words of Love to bestir

These prickles can only be removed by The Blood
that will penetrate our hearts with a healing flood
of Perfect Love casting all darkness out
and putting an end to our spiritual drought

One by one each prickle shall die
and in Beauty we shall come alive
for the Eternal One is our Friend
therefore in darkness we shall never die again!

Praise to The One who gave it all
Praise to The One who stands us tall
Praise to The One whose love is crimson pure
and whose Word is always steadfastly sure! Amen!

Photo Credit: My Daily Bread Body And Soul