Sacredly Scarred Feet

Walking the way

to the small gate

a narrow yet jagged road

that is easily fallen from

for those with the 

courage of faith

to keep on the journey

will have their feet cut

to bleed all darkness

that blocks one from Light,

Truth, and Freedom from

all worldly idols of heart

distractions killing the spirit

they shall wail loudly a

sweet cry for the lost and

broken to follow into the

Everlasting Pasture

where the scarred feet will

rest upon the Holy grass healed.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The Little Sparrow’s Melody

Written In Response To:

V.J. Weekly Challenge #62: Child/Childhood –  Ponder what it means to be a child.

A Chipping Sparrow in Sunset Light

A child of darkness

a child of light

a child of weakness

a child of might


A child of weeping

a child of laughter

a child of dreaming

a child of slaughter


A child of love and hate

both became this child’s fate

the warring within raged

a tender sparrow’s imprisoned cage


One day an Angel came

opened the cage to set her free

this sparrow’s life was never the same

she was free to fly, free to breathe


War turned to peace clarity beckoned

finally she was able to sing her song

through Wisdom she now reckoned

it was to Love she knew she belong


Blessed is this precious sparrow

who has known darkness’s tragedy

for the dawn of every new tomorrow

hope has become her soul’s melody.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest


Incorruptible Beauty

MLMM Tale Weaver #154 – Beauty

Incorruptible Beauty

The beauty of this house
speaks a thousand words
the vulnerability of its brokenness
its heart exposed for all to see
the truth that all is not perfect
instead, ever so beautifully flawed

Before its shattered disarray
one can see the life that once lived
for a remnant of it still stands
waiting to be made whole once more

Though each piece holds devastated sorrow
one by one can be healed in each new morrow
and shall stand complete better than before
to hold within it Love’s amend
an incorruptible beauty that none can contend

Photo Credit:  InstaViewpoint