Healing Walk

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Your Daily Word Prompt – Languid – August 31, 2019

FOWC With Fandango – Masterpiece

RDP Saturday – Enthusiasm

Maria Antonia Weekly 2019 Photography Challenge – Come join me, each Saturday, in posting a photo. There is a list of the prompts to help inspire us. The order of the photos won’t matter. In other words, you don’t have to start at the top and move toward the end. For this challenge, you may pick any prompt on the list and start with that.  MY PROMPT CHOICE:  FROZEN

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #61:  Recovery 

Sue Vincent Thursday Photo Prompt: Frozen #writephoto – Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose.

frozen masterpiece

makes way for recovery


sadness from languid illness

to hope of restoration

through faith walk to horizon

~ * ~




Love’s Comfort

NaPoWriMo Challenge 2019 – Day 24 – Lachrymose – Locate a dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia, open it at random, and consider the two pages in front of you to be your inspirational playground for the day. Maybe a strange word will catch your eye, or perhaps the mishmash of information will provide you with the germ of a poem.

Your Daily Word Prompt – Renew – April 24, 2019

Word Of The Day Challenge – Delayed

The Haunted Wordsmith Opposites Attract Challenge – Today’s prompt: heavenly.  Antonyms: atrocious, awful, execrable, lousy, pathetic, poor, rotten, terrible, vile, wretched.

Watertema soos myne mosaiek

When one has been battling illness,

trials and tribulations for some time

and remains faithful and diligent in prayer

yet the answers are delayed for many years

it can cause the soul to become lachrymose

and leave the spirit feeling wretched and broken

in these seasons is when grace’s strength is spoken

by helping us to renew our heavenly  hope once again

this is when we are reminded that even though the answers

have not yet come to relieve our sorrows and sufferings

Love’s comfort is always there to carry us through!

~ * ~

Proverbs 15:13 (AMPC)

13 A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  Pinterest


How Do I Get Through?

I received an email from someone in the AIP community (people struggling with autoimmune conditions, such as, Hashimoto’s, Graves, different forms of arthritis, any condition where the immune system is attacking some part or parts of the body) asking how others get through in the subject line. As I sat and pondered that question, I was inspired to write this poem. I myself have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Graves, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Adrenal Fatigue. This is how I get through as I work with God to put these conditions in remission.

How Do I Get Through?

I get through
the trials and tribulations
with faith in the One
who created me
trusting in His will
to carry me through
I look to no other
for no other has power
only the One who is
my High Tower
When I weary
and lose sight
I lean on the One
who is my Might
So, how do I get through
the only way I can
by taking hold of
God’s loving hand!

Photo Credit: Pinterest